Patrick Schultheis

Patrick Schultheis is a Public Relations and Communications professional with more than 15 years of experience in consulting with corporations, non-profits, candidates for public office and government agencies.
Prior to his appointment as a Press and Information Officer at the German Federal Ministry of Defense in Berlin in 2001, he served as a German Army Officer after graduating from the University of the Federal Armed Forces in Munich.
In 2004, Patrick continued his career in public service as a Media Coordinator for the German Chancellors Gerhard Schröder and Angela Merkel. Accompanying them to state visits and summits, Patrick organized more than 200 press events around the world. Patrick left the Federal Press Office in 2008 to join an international aid agency as their spokesman. Soon after the birth of his son, Patrick and his family came to San Diego in 2012, where his second son was born in 2016. They live in Point Loma.