Angelika Villagrana

Angelika Villagrana grew up in Northern Germany, studied and worked in Germany, Denmark and France, and has lived in California since 1970.

Angelika came to the United States as a flight attendant with Overseas National Airways and flew routes to and from Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Europe.  After she stopped flying, she worked for several San Diego companies and retired from the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce as executive director, public policy, after close to 24 years. Further, she served as the director of the German Currents San Diego from 2012-2014.

During Angelika’s professional career, she tried to find time to do art work.  She took figure drawing classes from San Diego artist Bob Fritsch and worked seven years with San Diego artist Lilly Rosa, perfecting her drawing skills.  In 1980, Angelika became interested in printmaking and began exploring the various techniques of printmaking (etching, woodcut, lithography, monotype).  She started showing her prints with the “Printmakers Atelier” in San Diego during the 1980’s.  In early 1990, Angelika formed an alliance with six other San Diego printmakers. Under the name  “7 Printmakers,” they organized annual print exhibitions in San Diego to further the understanding and appreciation of original prints.