The German American San Diego Foundation established the Albert Einstein Day of Innovations with the goal to- make students realize the importance of continuous innovations for a successful economic development, and how important this is for traditional German companies.


Albert Einstein Day of Innovations 2013

The event was hosted for the first time in 2013 at the Albert Einstein Academies with the support of the German Consulate General in Los Angeles, and the American Council on Germany – Warburg Chapter San Diego.

Celebrating the Birthday of Albert Einstein

The first Albert Einstein Day of Innovations was a big success. It took place at the Albert Einstein Academies on the birthday of Albert Einstein, March 14, 2013.

The German companies BSH/Bosch, ThyssenKruppBilstein, and Carl Zeiss Vision gave presentations on how science and experimentation could lead to innovative products. Students had the opportunity

– to gain firsthand insight into innovations,
– to learn how innovations impact their daily lives, and
– to explore their own innovative talents through hands-on experiments and other exercises.

Idea & Concept: Armina Kranz

Albert Einstein Day of Innovations 2014

In the 2nd year, we are focused more on the students’ projects, giving them the opportunity to display their creations and receive recognition for their hard work.

Sixth grade students will display earthquake-proof houses that they created, which demonstrate an understanding of tectonics, as well as participate in a Hunger Games-inspired arena where seventh grade students will showcase their most ferocious crossbred animals and their understanding of genetics.

“AEA judges will be looking for the most creative and innovative projects,” added Barb Robinson, AEA’s middle school principal. “This event is our opportunity to showcase the creative projects developed by our science department as well as our unique and important collaboration with GASDF and the local business community.”

Participating companies include Carl Zeiss Microscopy, LLC, an international group that supports biomedical research, healthcare and high-tech industries, and Tocagen, a company that supports cancer treatment products based on genetics. Carl Zeiss Microscopy, LLC also donated a Primo Star research microscope worth more than $1,600 to AEA, which will be used to encourage science students to keep discovering and innovating.


Albert Einstein Academies Charter Schools (AEACS)

The public charter schools of the Albert Einstein Academies offer with almost 1,000 students combined (elementary and middle school) the county’s largest German immersion program and the only one of its kind in the region. About 25% of all elementary school students come from German families. Every other week, the entire curriculum is being taught completely in German. Despite this special challenge, Albert-Einstein Elementary has become the highest performing elementary school in metro San Diego.  The middle school is planning to move to a different location in the fall of 2014.


– K-8 International Baccalaureate continuum in San Diego County.
– Long history of high Academic Performance, consistently scoring as the two highest-ranking charter elementary and middle schools within the San Diego Unified School District.
– Only public German language Elementary school immersion program in San Diego Count.
– High level courses in German & student exchange opportunities in the Middle school.
– German government-sponsored assessments (DSD).
– New Middle School facility opened in fall 2014.

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