Germany Ranks Second in Nation Brands Index

 Second place in the Nation Brands Index

Frankfurt/Main: Skyline in the afternoon with Ignatz-Bubis-Bridge in the front

Germany is ranked second, as it was last year, behind the United States and ahead of the United Kingdom, France and Canada. On immigration and investment, Germany is in third place behind the US and Canada – a sign that the debt crisis in Europe has not done lasting damage to Germany’s reputation among foreign investors.

Marienburg Castle - Region of Hannover (aerial photo)

We also did well on quality of life, job and training opportunities, and the rule of law. Germany’s weakest result was in tourism, more specifically in the natural beauty category. In 23rd place, it would seem that the castles on the Rhine and the Black Forest do not quite match up to the Grand Canyon or France’s Camargue region in the eyes of international tourists. Germany’s tourism campaigns have some catching up to do.